Buying a pair of diamond cluster earrings is a very exciting process. A diamond is a timeless stone; since ancient times, it has been a criterion of its owner’s prestige and status. Earrings with this stone are gorgeous; they can easily help enhance the image of any woman, making her sophisticated and elegant.

Choosing jewelry is always exciting, because when you do it, a girl imagines herself in earrings, thinking about how and with what she will wear them. Despite the seeming simplicity of buying jewelry, sometimes you can run into difficulties. Many nuances need to be taken into account when selecting earring earrings. The shopper may find out unexpectedly that there are lots of different sizes of diamonds, which can be confusing to her.

Every woman dreams of the perfect earrings that will present her with a new image. Her new image, more attractive and charming, has already been created in her mind. But looking at the rows of diamond earrings in shop windows, it can be quite difficult to decide which size stone fits better. Especially if it’s the first time she’s ever bought one. Why do these difficulties arise?

The thing is that many people are guided by the carat weight of the stone, but not by the size, thinking that this is the main criterion of choice. But it is not quite true. The price of diamond earrings depends on several parameters, and weight is one of them. The bigger it is, the more expensive the jewelry. But there are several subtleties to consider in order to make a successful purchase. So what are the most popular sizes and how can the quality of the diamond affect its size?

Some buying details

One of the subtleties of choosing diamond cluster earrings is that the jewelry is paired, but many female customers simply don’t take that into account. The number on the price tag refers to the total weight of both diamonds, so it should be divided by two. That is, if a girl bought a pair of earrings with a total weight of one carat, they would each weigh half a carat.

However, the customer may imagine each diamond weighing a whole carat (for the simple reason that this weight is visualized in the price tag). It is always important to keep this in mind so that you don’t end up with earrings with stones half as big as you originally thought.

How the weight of a diamond relates to its size

To get a clear idea of how the stud earrings will look in your ears, you need to relate the weight of the stone to its size. Here it should be clarified that in terms of their weight, diamonds are divided into 3 groups:

1. Small – up to 0.29 carats.

2. Medium – from 0.3 to 0.99 carats.

3. Large – from one carat.

This is a universally recognized classification system used in jewelry production.

When choosing diamond earrings in the form of carnations, you need to consider not only the weight but also the size of the stone. And here’s why. The differences between the adjacent categories in terms of weight are insignificant, although they can differ dramatically in price. For example, you see two pairs of earrings, one of which weighs 0.29 carats (the first group is the small ones), and the other weighs 0.30 carats (the medium ones). There is practically no difference in their appearance, but the second pair could be worth a lot more because they fall into a different weight category. Therefore it is often advised to choose earrings of this type according to their size rather than their weight.

Matching Style

Many women probably want to buy earrings with a bigger stone, and it is quite understandable. But before you make a purchase, you should also think about where and how you are going to wear the jewelry. You have to imagine where you will wear the earrings and how often, so that they match your style.

For daily wear, you are advised to choose earrings of small size from the first two groups. If you will wear jewelry on special occasions, then it should be larger, starting from one carat. These two variants may be considered in detail.

Everyday wear also suggests individuality. If your style is glamorous and you love to look spectacular, choose larger earrings. For styles such as minimalism and classic, more understated jewelry will do. Of course, this is just a recommendation that does not have to be strictly followed, because everyone has his own vision of fashion.

Popular sizes of diamond stud earrings

The ideal size of diamond stud earrings is different for each woman. Not only are their own preferences, but also the choice of size depends on the body and figure of the customer. The same cluster earrings may be too small for one lady and too big for another.

However, there is a size that is more popular than the others that most girls choose, which is 1 carat. Keep in mind that what is meant here is the total weight, so each earring will have a weight of half a carat. What do they look like? Each stud earring has a diameter of 5.0 mm. This size is recognized as a universal size, it is preferred by a large number of people, as it harmonizes well with any style of clothing. The jewelry is not too big and not too small, not provocative, but shows the status of the wearer.

How the quality of the stone affects the appearance of the jewelry

It’s not just weight and size that affect how the earrings look. There are factors such as clarity, color, and type of cut of the diamond. All of them are involved in the visual perception of the jewelry, and here’s why.

A clear and shiny stone will look bigger than it really is because this is the perception of the human eye. It is a well-known fact that light shades visually expand space. Perhaps not everyone knows, but diamonds have shades, and they can be both light and bright, as well as dull. Colorless stones are the rarest, which is why they are valued more.

There is also such a thing as diamond clarity. It characterizes the number of inclusions in its structure. Both of these characteristics are written in the form of letters on the price lists. The further the letter is from the beginning of the alphabet, the greater its value. When buying earrings of small size, you should not pay too much attention to the clarity index, as it will not be so noticeable. As for the big stones of 2 carats and more, we advise taking at least the VS1 or VS2 value. However, if you decide to buy a large diamond of SI clarity, look at the position and type of inclusions. The inclusions should be on the periphery of the stone and be transparent, so its shine and play of light do not suffer.

One should also pay attention to the quality of the cut because it also affects visual perception. The way a diamond is cut determines its brilliance and reflectivity. There are many kinds of cuts, the choice of which is influenced by the initial qualities of the stone. One should pay attention not only to its shape but also to its quality.

If you follow the general rules of choosing diamond stud earrings, you will easily find the best option. First, you need to decide on the size, then choose the right parameter of clarity and quality of cut. The overall visual effect will be the final stage, which will help to make the right decision. Well and do not forget about the peculiarities of individual style.