Rose Gold ring

Gold ring with diamonds 17,0

1,281.00 896.70

0,15Ct Diamond ring 17,5


0,25Ct Diamond ring 17,5


SOKOLOV Emerald ring 18,0


0,20 Ct Diamond Ring


0,20 Ct Diamond Ring


0,25 Ct Diamond Ring


0,25 Ct Diamond Ring


0,404 Ct Diamond Ring 16,5


0,364 Ct Diamond Ring 17,0


0,414 Ct Diamond Ring 17,0


0,17 Ct Diamond Ring 16,0


0,105Ct Diamond Ring 17,5


0,071Ct Diamond Ring 17,5


0,095Ct Diamond Ring 17,5


0,80Ct Diamond ring


0,10Ct Diamond ring


0,29Ct Diamond ring BREUNING


0,23Ct Diamond ring BREUNING


If you are interested in diamond rings for everyday wear or to give as a gift, wide diamond rings or narrow and comfortable rings without precious stones, wedding rings or engagement rings, the choice is quite simple – once the budget and ring size are known, our consultants can easily help you make the right choice in either of our stores in Tallinn or Narva. Maybe you are interested in rings decorated with a row of diamonds or rings with a single diamond? In our selection you will find fashionable diamond rings for every budget and wallet. It may seem that a low-priced ring with small diamonds is not enough to give as a gift, but in reality this is not true, because diamonds are very beautiful and have a strong symbolic meaning no matter their size. Of course, a 1-carat diamond ring emphasizes the status of its wearer and it is pleasant to wear, but at the same time it should be taken into account that this accessory is also suitable to be worn with other jewelry. It is very important that the rings are comfortable to wear. A universal ring with diamonds and other gemstones, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls – what could be more beautiful? Our diamonds are of the highest quality and cut using high-quality equipment. They shine, sparkle and captivate with beauty. All diamond rings are certified and manufactured in Russia or in Europe – Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Germany. As mentioned above, when buying a diamond ring, it is best to know the size of the ring in advance. If the size is unknown and you aim to surprise someone, take any of her rings and our consultants will help you determine the size and help you make the right choice. It is a little-known fact that it is customary to give rings to your beloved woman, to celebrate the birth of a child, but also for an engagement, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day, for New Year’s and sometimes without any particular reason. Whether your destination is our online store or Tallinn or Narva, beautiful diamond rings are waiting for you.