Diamond 14K Rose Gold Earrings

0,34Ct Diamond 14K Rose Gold Earrings

1,990.00 1,393.00
Diamonds and Ruby 14K Gold Earrings

Diamonds and Ruby 14K Gold Earrings

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Gold Sapphire Earrings

14K Rose Gold Sapphire Earrings

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Earrings, large or small, with large or small diamonds, with precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies or pearls, are undoubtedly important because they have the ability to transform one’s appearance. Perhaps that is why finding the “ideal” pair of earrings is time consuming, but at the same time commendable, because in the end, fashionable jewelry will tastefully emphasize both the status and dignity of its owner’s appearance. We have a really wide selection of diamond earrings for every budget: whether you are looking for jewelry for yourself or a memorable gift for your loved ones, here you will definitely find what you are looking for. The diamond earrings that we offer are made of high quality red and white gold, with a tested and reliable lock. In addition to the aesthetic properties of diamonds and the quality of earrings, our assortment includes stud earrings, screw-on, English lock and Congo earrings with diamonds. If you are planning to buy classic diamond studs, you are on the right track. They suit any appearence and lifestyle and can be worn on a trip, on holiday, for sporting and even in weddings! Our selection of earrings is very versatile and they are comfortable to wear for every day, but they are especially perfect for special occasions and celebrations. All our earrings are certified by the manufacturer or GIA, IGI or HRD Antwerp. We are convinced that in cooperation with our consultants you will find the right jewelry for you.