Luxurious rings with a Goldsmith diamond-set can win the heart of any girl and woman. The shine of precious stones framed by noble metal fascinates and delights. Our rings attract attention and fall in love at first sight. Whether you are looking for a beautiful and dramatic proposal, or simply looking for a luxurious and elegant piece of jewelry, our Goldsmith diamond-set rings are a perfect choice. The enchanting beauty of gorgeous diamonds Goldsmith’s diamond-set rings use only gem-quality diamonds. Our experts check each gem very carefully. Only pure, clear diamonds without the slightest defects deserve to adorn the hand of your beloved woman. We use exclusively such diamonds.

We offer a wide range of gold diamond rings. In our catalog, you will find jewelry for any occasion. For example, a ring with a halo type inlaid, when there is a large diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller gemstones, is a great option for a marriage proposal. They will show your feelings much more eloquently than any words and songs. Rings with several diamonds in a row, usually 3, 5, or 7 stones, are an excellent piece of jewelry for everyday wear or festive looks. All of our diamond-set rings are definitely made of gold because only this precious metal is worthy to frame luxurious diamonds. Its elegant shine complements the brilliance of diamonds, creating a mesmerizing ensemble of light.

We always follow the latest trends in jewelry making. Therefore, our catalog contains many rings with a diamond-set, made in the current design from white gold with a neat arrangement of diamonds. But for the classic style of jewelry lovers, we are also able to offer many beautiful and impressive options, for example, in yellow gold with intricate sapphires and diamonds inlaid. Each ring with a diamond-set from our catalog is a true work of jewelry. And we know we will like it.