The importance of engagements can hardly be underestimated. In some cases, the engagement is even more grandiose than the wedding ceremony itself. There is nothing to be surprised at, and although most of the old wedding traditions among young people have already been forgotten, getting engaged is a pleasant exception – today all young men are also ready to kneel before their loved ones, say the cherished “Will you marry me?” and put beautiful engagement rings on the fingers of their future wives. As befits, such an important event deserves a separate ceremony, rules and its own atmosphere, because in addition to symbolic importance, engagement rings also represent a visible material value. As a rule, engagement rings are made of red or white gold, but unlike wedding rings, they are decorated with diamonds. Classic style – engagement rings with one precious stone – a diamond. Even more attention, however, deserve engagement rings with several stones, where, in addition to one main diamond, the ring is adorned with smaller diamonds surrounding it, either located around a central large diamond or adorning the ring in some other skilful way. There really are numerous choices and therefore it is not at all surprising if the process of buying an engagement ring takes time – on the contrary, careful weighing and open discussion with our consultants will certainly lead to the expected results. Isn’t your engagement worthy of the best?